Thursday, April 28, 2011

You. Me. Destiny

Reach epiphanies,
Rhyme good old symphonies,
Compose Melodies,
Try resorting to company.
Blaming was not the way to respond,
Blaming me was just plain wrong.
The people with me you've pushed aside,
Feeding them with vicious lies
Deterring their thoughts, My oh my!
But who knows, What am I?
Let me tell you now,
I will push you enough so you will bow,
Silence you to the darkest corner,
Make you down.
Not even bother for another dollar,
What for? You pulled my collar!
I am not your dog, I have no leash,
I am free, Now have some quiche.
Sit in the corner and relax every muscle,
Yes, thats right, I will force you a hustle!
You thought I was silenced by a plan old muzzle,
Guess what? I'm back, never got tussled!
Well, you, You tried and you failed,
To make me weak, to make me frail.
Now who knows what I can bail?
There is only one I will now hail.
The things that I adhered to - worth a lifetime
Look at me now, How I still shine.
And look at you now, sad with no dimes.
Sigh, you can't even rap up a rhyme.

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