Friday, July 29, 2011


A hunger that leads to death
One cut, Live with regret
Seek help when you really need to
Or live sadly, covered in mats.
Don't be afraid to let all loose
Look again, there isn't a noose!
Don't be afraid to spread your wings and fly
Look at them, Make them say "Oh my!"
Dazzle them with all your talents
Being yourself is a talent itself :)

The lives of all the wasted
Talent thrown away
Don't be like them at all
Spread your wings, Fly away!
To heaven, you'll soar just like a white dove
And like a crow, you shall show the world the way
Voice your feelings, roar like the lion
And like the ants, never say nay.

The seas roar with the galloping wind
Those trouble makers would just be binned
Live life without committing sin
And like Alexander the great, Try to grin