Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last breath.

There he laid 
Like a devil
Like a tingled beetle 
Dying slowly
A painfully slow process
Just before he leaves
He heaves
A prolonged sigh
He had a last wish
A death wish
One unlikely to be granted
One that is not wanted
But needed to his poor soul
He wanted to apologize to
The man who always was by him
The man he betrayed
The man he left
The man he slapped
His faithful friend
A man who took care of him when he was sick
A man who was there through thick and thin
A man who never gave up
But alas, he betrayed him
With a strike of anger
A foolish strike
A strike which led to disaster
Now he is dead
The poor mans wish was never granted
Thats why we all should treasure what we have 
If we don’t treasure
Then all our measures
Would dissipate 
Disappear to thin air.