Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Your eyes

There is more than just hazel to your eyes
I see small miracles in disguise
They tell me your feelings, they never lie
And they give me freedom, to live or to die

Your smile is elastic as it stretches for the door
It leaves me silently pondering about law
Could the people who have done this to you
Ever be brought to justice by these fists too?

You shiver alone in darkness as you wait
For a sign of hope, Someone to repay
But the price of a heart that cannot be replaced
Is nothing but just a fake

The screams and laughter in your head
Erodes your brain to disarray 
But looking onwards to the blood you've spilt
You grab on tightly to your quilt

You want to live, You want to be free!
The shards of your heart lie in one piece
And finally you see the light
That your heart can never be broken tonight.

Your eyes that tell me the truth
They told me this about you
When you are in a state that is terribly tragic
Friends will prevent a further state of panic 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


My voice shows the world what it is like to conquer
At least I imagine so
My voice shows the world what it means to prosper
Heavy bloodshed? No!

My voice sings a tune that is hard to wonder
So that you will know
What it means to live with hopes asunder
So live like you're on a throne

My voice breaks free like the morning rooster
Ready to wake the world
But through it all he has a message
To question what is told.

My voice is not the only one that exists
And I know that to be true
There are preachers out there too loud to resist
And here I am telling you

So here I am composing a way
Paving a way, straight to your day
Moving forward never stopping to lay
And breaking the rules, Never say nay.

Friday, July 29, 2011


A hunger that leads to death
One cut, Live with regret
Seek help when you really need to
Or live sadly, covered in mats.
Don't be afraid to let all loose
Look again, there isn't a noose!
Don't be afraid to spread your wings and fly
Look at them, Make them say "Oh my!"
Dazzle them with all your talents
Being yourself is a talent itself :)

The lives of all the wasted
Talent thrown away
Don't be like them at all
Spread your wings, Fly away!
To heaven, you'll soar just like a white dove
And like a crow, you shall show the world the way
Voice your feelings, roar like the lion
And like the ants, never say nay.

The seas roar with the galloping wind
Those trouble makers would just be binned
Live life without committing sin
And like Alexander the great, Try to grin

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Human Nature?

When the sun gleams in the skies
They shimmer brightly in your eyes
And when it wakes you from your slumber
It also satisfies your hunger 
And when you hear a morning thunder
The beastly crow of a little rooster
Your mind abruptly starts to wonder
About the things in life with blunders
God made there be no error
But what is this? Human nature?
The grief and death that we cause
Destruction of nature without a pause
How can I stop all this devastation?
I want to change the world so that there is no vindication
I believe that we can change for our beneficial 
But when I think now it is superficial
I'll be back, presidential 
Till then, it's official

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Knowing the wrong to be the right,
Seeing darkness as light,
Weakness suddenly becomes might,
Day turns to an endless night.
Show me the way, I know you exist,
Lead me me there,  the endless mist,
I am a the seeker of fighting fists,
I fought away the devils kiss.
After it all, I still resist,
A rebel in disguise, An optimist,
The light in the dark shall always be seen,
The dark in the light shall be vanquished like steam,
And I shall start firing my laser beams,
Faith exists though it doesn't seem.

You, Me, The World, You.

The less fortunate than I have friends,
They have words yet rarely make amends,
They suffer more and yet never bend,
They smile and laugh through hard times without end.
They torture and twist the greatly abused,
The reckless and the ones in the news,
They know that what they do is plain wrong,
But I have hope that we will remain strong.
As a friend, I believe in my brothers and sisters,
I know that they are part of the big picture.
I hope for the future of us to be long,
We never know our last song,
So I will do whatever I can,
To help everyone with hardships, the damned.
I know the future lies in our hands,
So how we shape it is in your plans,
What I will do is to write my rhymes,
To inspire others to share their dimes
To try and help the world once again,
I am the blind one who knows he doesn't hope in vain.

The blind one :)
Abu Ubaidah.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

You. Me. Destiny

Reach epiphanies,
Rhyme good old symphonies,
Compose Melodies,
Try resorting to company.
Blaming was not the way to respond,
Blaming me was just plain wrong.
The people with me you've pushed aside,
Feeding them with vicious lies
Deterring their thoughts, My oh my!
But who knows, What am I?
Let me tell you now,
I will push you enough so you will bow,
Silence you to the darkest corner,
Make you down.
Not even bother for another dollar,
What for? You pulled my collar!
I am not your dog, I have no leash,
I am free, Now have some quiche.
Sit in the corner and relax every muscle,
Yes, thats right, I will force you a hustle!
You thought I was silenced by a plan old muzzle,
Guess what? I'm back, never got tussled!
Well, you, You tried and you failed,
To make me weak, to make me frail.
Now who knows what I can bail?
There is only one I will now hail.
The things that I adhered to - worth a lifetime
Look at me now, How I still shine.
And look at you now, sad with no dimes.
Sigh, you can't even rap up a rhyme.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Born to be wild.

I'm an animal,
I'm a scavenger,
I'm terrible,
I'm a heartbreaker,
I'm invincible,
I'm super supersonic,
So now I will show you,
My super odd tricks!
I was born to be wild like the saying goes,
A man is nothing without his toes,
I will run into the horizon with might to hold,
I shall lash out, at all, Nothing to lose.
I shall be the convict of a crime,
A murder scene, With right in line,
Don't stop now I will write a rhyme,
What else can I say? I was born to be wild!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Poem inspired from a song.

Mind over Body
That's what I believe
Right over naughty
Eyes do deceive
A soul with strength
That is plain mighty
Look into the night
And see the true beauties
Help the wind blow
Help the stars shine
Help the moon guide you
With its gained light
Mind over Body

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last breath.

There he laid 
Like a devil
Like a tingled beetle 
Dying slowly
A painfully slow process
Just before he leaves
He heaves
A prolonged sigh
He had a last wish
A death wish
One unlikely to be granted
One that is not wanted
But needed to his poor soul
He wanted to apologize to
The man who always was by him
The man he betrayed
The man he left
The man he slapped
His faithful friend
A man who took care of him when he was sick
A man who was there through thick and thin
A man who never gave up
But alas, he betrayed him
With a strike of anger
A foolish strike
A strike which led to disaster
Now he is dead
The poor mans wish was never granted
Thats why we all should treasure what we have 
If we don’t treasure
Then all our measures
Would dissipate 
Disappear to thin air.