Sunday, May 1, 2011


Knowing the wrong to be the right,
Seeing darkness as light,
Weakness suddenly becomes might,
Day turns to an endless night.
Show me the way, I know you exist,
Lead me me there,  the endless mist,
I am a the seeker of fighting fists,
I fought away the devils kiss.
After it all, I still resist,
A rebel in disguise, An optimist,
The light in the dark shall always be seen,
The dark in the light shall be vanquished like steam,
And I shall start firing my laser beams,
Faith exists though it doesn't seem.

You, Me, The World, You.

The less fortunate than I have friends,
They have words yet rarely make amends,
They suffer more and yet never bend,
They smile and laugh through hard times without end.
They torture and twist the greatly abused,
The reckless and the ones in the news,
They know that what they do is plain wrong,
But I have hope that we will remain strong.
As a friend, I believe in my brothers and sisters,
I know that they are part of the big picture.
I hope for the future of us to be long,
We never know our last song,
So I will do whatever I can,
To help everyone with hardships, the damned.
I know the future lies in our hands,
So how we shape it is in your plans,
What I will do is to write my rhymes,
To inspire others to share their dimes
To try and help the world once again,
I am the blind one who knows he doesn't hope in vain.

The blind one :)
Abu Ubaidah.