Sunday, August 29, 2010


The story of two
Who listened to who?
Nobody knew.
They were almighty
Clearly it was might.
Their force was merely  faster than light,
They were stronger than power.
Better than each other, yet
They died together.
Hearts combined,
They left this world
Sorrow followed
But no one knew
The story of one who dreamt of skies
The story of one who imagined worlds
The story of one with a conscience 
Who lived in him as a soul.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


You have a melody of a voice
You are an angel of a friend
You are a saviour to my happiness
You are joy and so much more in me
I am glad to call you a friend
I am happier that I even met you
Someone like me
I don’t deserve a friend like you
Such a good friend
The fact that I met you
It made me not want to lose
It made me want to strive
For the better in every life
Memories of mine
Will always be caressed 
Good or bad
But yours were the best
Maybe I don’t know you much
But the little I know about you
Is heaven, its true
You will never leave my soul,
To my dear friends
Who joy without a toll

Misery Business, Tear.

Yes, its misery
Stealing one from another
Yet its not my fault
I didn’t do anything.
Truly, its depression
This pain I feel
This hope which has died
Yet, some faith still remains.
Greatly, Its madness
Love is not a game
Its a journey
Which may lead you to either heaven or hell.
And my, isn’t it pain
To see your love ones in vain
While they throb
And while they mob
You see them sob.
Love isn’t an emotion, no
Its a chain reaction
Which leads to a vicious hell.

Chances, To be given, Taken.

An outcast
Deluded by his surroundings
He waits in silence
For a sign
For a beam of light
For some hope
For some might
Alas, what a shame
His dream shattered
His hopes torn apart
A life in the shades
Becomes a life in fire
A life without a soul
Becomes a life without a hold
Lifeless, he walks to the edge
And jumps
For he is no use
To himself no longer


The first time I laid my eyes on you
I saw heaven
I saw light, its true
Through all I learnt
I know you
You are a nice person
I had to tell you my feelings toward you
She said to me
“ I am not ready, and I don’t feel that way too”
A short moment
An anticlimax
I felt heartbroken
But I remained at her side
As a loyal friend
A year later
She said to me
“I love you too”
I was stunned
I was starstruck
“I am ready, now”
I learnt a big lesson today
Never say Nay
You never know a bright day. 


Rejected me
Threw me away
Cursed me
Wrecked me
Killed me silently
Burned me
Strangled me
Mangled me
Now you are to me
An unworthy scum
A loather
A hater
A betrayer
A snitch
A glitch
A ditch
An evil pitch
Close your eyes
Die now
I will not be by your side
Just glide freely now
To the gates of hell

Haters, Motivators.

Haters help you more than kill you.
You see,
They tell you your sins
Without a lie
They take ego within
Without a dime
They humble your pride
Without thinking twice 
And even fasten your seatbelt on a bumpy ride
Yes it may hurt you, but it protects you after all.
So what do you know?
Haters, Motivators.

Look within, Love resides.

My zeal lies in you
My heart, my soul and mind too
Every bit of joy as well
No one else can replace you
You’ll be in my heart 
No matter where you are
Even if death departs
You will remain with me
A memory 
That is cherished with passion
You are the one that I truly love
I keep on hinting
The person I love is this or that
But that was just chit chat
No one knows the person I love
But its you,
My dear,
Don’t shed a tear
I love you more than castles high
I love you more than money can buy
Be with me,
Its your wish
Cos if you love someone
Let them know
But just follow your dreams
And life comes true
You won’t lose
As dreams takes its place in heaven 
After all
You make me starstruck 

Poetry says it all.

First Entry, Introduction.

Well, this is my personal blog and I will be sharing a lot of stuff with you such as poetry, music, photos and much more interesting stuff. I am a normal guy, I do everything averagely but I am different. When I have interest in something, I go all out for it, no matter what people say. On this blog, I would like to just share a piece of my world with you, so if you're reading up to here, keep it up. The journey begins here.