Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Your eyes

There is more than just hazel to your eyes
I see small miracles in disguise
They tell me your feelings, they never lie
And they give me freedom, to live or to die

Your smile is elastic as it stretches for the door
It leaves me silently pondering about law
Could the people who have done this to you
Ever be brought to justice by these fists too?

You shiver alone in darkness as you wait
For a sign of hope, Someone to repay
But the price of a heart that cannot be replaced
Is nothing but just a fake

The screams and laughter in your head
Erodes your brain to disarray 
But looking onwards to the blood you've spilt
You grab on tightly to your quilt

You want to live, You want to be free!
The shards of your heart lie in one piece
And finally you see the light
That your heart can never be broken tonight.

Your eyes that tell me the truth
They told me this about you
When you are in a state that is terribly tragic
Friends will prevent a further state of panic