Saturday, August 28, 2010

Look within, Love resides.

My zeal lies in you
My heart, my soul and mind too
Every bit of joy as well
No one else can replace you
You’ll be in my heart 
No matter where you are
Even if death departs
You will remain with me
A memory 
That is cherished with passion
You are the one that I truly love
I keep on hinting
The person I love is this or that
But that was just chit chat
No one knows the person I love
But its you,
My dear,
Don’t shed a tear
I love you more than castles high
I love you more than money can buy
Be with me,
Its your wish
Cos if you love someone
Let them know
But just follow your dreams
And life comes true
You won’t lose
As dreams takes its place in heaven 
After all
You make me starstruck 

Poetry says it all.

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